Unicorn Stethoscope Tag
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Unicorn Stethoscope Tag
Unicorn Stethoscope Tag

Unicorn Stethoscope Tag

Regular price $8.75
Please be aware that these stethoscope tags come in TWO STYLES.
  • Standard - Fits standard tubing sizes, will not fit Littmann Cardiology/ electronic stethoscopes
  • Yoke Style- Fits ALL stethoscopes at the yoke
Quick Details
  • 1.5" diameter button with design
  • Vibrant images protected under shiny mylar
  • Writable surface on bottom / back piece
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
Our adorable designs will stay vibrant under a protective plastic film, making your stethoscope tag easy to clean and disinfect. These are a great gift for students and healthcare professionals. Stethoscope tags come ready to gift packaged with a product card and placed in a cellophane envelope.