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Propofol Acrylic Badge Reel

Propofol Acrylic Badge Reel

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2.0" (5.08cm) acrylic topper.

Materials and Care

This badge is made of a decorative acrylic topper finished with a layer or protective clear resin. Wipe clean, do not expose to prolonged heat or submerge in liquid.

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  • Acrylic Topper Only

    Acrylic toppers come with low profile 3M dual lock to use with our interchangeable bases.ย 

    No badge reelย is included in this option.

  • Alligator Swivel Clip

    Allows rotation of badges 360 degrees.

    Extends up to 30".

    Single tooth spring clip prevents damage to clothing.

    Due to the nature of the angled alligator clip, the badge may tilt slightly forward when worn with loose clothing.

  • Standard Belt Clip

    Acrylic piece is permanently attached.

    Slide clip is stationery, does NOT rotate.

    Extends up to 30".

    This options allows for badge design to sit flatter against scrubs or uniforms; great for V-neck designs.

  • Heavy Duty Belt Clip

    Fixed clip, does not swivel.

    Extends up to 24".

    Steel cable holds more weight than standard reels.

    *Some acrylic designs may not cover entire badge face (black base will show).

  • Safety Lanyard

    NO back clip.

    Extends up to 30".

    Safety release clip.

    18" total length (fabric lanyard and badge).

  • MRI Safe

    Non-ferrous metal.

    Rotates 360 degrees.

    Extends up to 22".

    Clamp style clip.

  • Non-Retractable


    Single tooth alligator clip.